Motto, Values and Aims

Motto: Every child, every day


Pride – A strong sense of sense pride in their work, achievements and appearance.  To support peers valuing and celebrating their personal achievements.  To demonstrate a sense of pride in our school, environment and the wider world.

Positivity – A positive attitude and approach to learning and life and trying to see the good in each experience. To help spread positivity throughout the school and wider community.

Independence – Self-confidence and self-belief to achieve their own personal success, both academically and physically.

Resilience – A developing ability to bounce back after a difficulty and help others to do the same. To recognise the rewards associated with battling through and overcoming tough challenges.

Kindness – To be kind to themselves and take time to practice mindfulness.  To be kind to others, understanding we all have needs, feelings and beliefs that deserve respect. To demonstrate sympathy and empathy.

A sense of adventure – A passion for adventure, an appetite for fun and a willingness to take sensible risks. To broaden their experiences and skills by taking the plunge when new opportunities arise.

Creativity – A confidence to express their creative flair and personal passions and develop their imagination and resourcefulness.


As a team, we work together to provide a safe, engaging learning environment with a unique ‘family feel’.

We nurture the personal development needs of each learner and prepare our children for the future by developing confidence, a love of learning, positive relationships and coping skills.

We want children to have fun, play and laugh.