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Early Help  Information 

Supporting our families and children is a priority. Every Child, Every Day is the school motto. Early help support is designed to offer a range of services in the support of families and children. We work with and fund a range of services as part of our Early Help Support offer. School will always do what it can to support families so please get in contact and read the links below.

Changing Lives Service – Education and Mental Health Practitioners based in Bolsover. They can support and work with families directly as well as working within school.

Changing Lives Mental Health Support Team | Action for Children

Positive 4 Young People (P4YP) – Bramley Vale pay for the services of Karen Hallam through P4YP. She works to support families and children at school with a focus on safeguarding and welfare.

Listening Ear Programme (Hope Project/Burden Basket) – This is our ‘in school’ counselling programme run by Jan Brown. School fund this group which supports children in expressing their feelings.

Mental Health Support and Training Provider for Children and Young People – The Burden Basket

Nurture Group – This group runs and meets in school, again funded by school budget. Children are supported to build positive relationships and self-esteem. 

Action for Children – a Derbyshire based set of organisations that can support families and children.

Services in Derbyshire | Action for Children

Derbyshire Family Health – an excellent link below to support families on health matters through the NHS. This includes access to the team of School Nurses.

Derbyshire Family Health Service

The National Sleep Helpline

Does your child suffer with sleep issues? the national sleep helpline can help

SC 078Flyer Parents

Kinship Care Group