In February 2020, we renewed our Eco-Schools certification. This means that we have managed to retain our certification for the last six years. When we start back in September the new Eco-Group will plan to continue all the fabulous work that we had planned to complete in summer 2020.

Welcome to our Eco-Schools web-page. On this page we will put information &  photos of the things we do around school to make it a better place.

Thanks The Eco-Group (September 2020)



At school we always try to think of the effects on biodiversity of the things we do at school.


Litter is a constant thought in our minds. Members of the Eco-group regularly use their own time to improve the litter situation around school. If you would like to help, let us know.


A recent energy efficiency survey has found the school to be more efficient then last year. Help us continue this improvement.


Waste not, want not is an old saying. Help us to reduce the amount we waste.


Water is precious so we need to keep using it wisely.

School Grounds

This year we have been working hard to improve the school grounds. Thanks to lots of effort put in by a number of parents and governors, we have got some new flower beds & raised beds around the school. We have also had a tidy up of the outside area to make it more attractive and well-looked after.

Throughout the year, we have different lessons outside. We also make full use of the woods during our Forest Schools sessions. Everyday, we play outside during dinner times and play times.

Finally, through the new system of House Leaders and prefects, everyone has the opportunity to suggest improvements to the school grounds. If you have any ideas, let us know.

We use the school grounds on a regular basis. We go out for Forest School sessions (Y3/4 & Y 2/3). We go outside to do active maths / literacy starters. In the summer we go on the field and playground to do lessons outside.

We go out for two playtimes a day and one hour at dinner. We nearly always go outside even when it is wet and windy. We also have playground games (Mini-Leaders) at dinnertime. These are organised and they have a register every day.

We have a poly tunnel that we use and we have grown things on the raised beds that we have. We are also trying to get more raised beds so we can grow more next year. These have recently arrived and will get up and running in the summer.

We try to keep the school yard tidy. We have recently got a shed to keep things in and we have a couple of big toy storage bins.

Throughout the year we are going to be trying to match our school activities to the Eco School criteria. Have a look below to see how we are getting along.

At Bramley Vale, we believe that all of our children need to understand their place in the world. To help this, the topic based curriculum we follow allows them to study a number of different cultures from around the world. Over the last year, we have studied Ghana, India (Y2), France (Y3) and Egypt (Y5)

Starting this year, we have a ‘World Wednesday’ assembly on a weekly basis. This assembly is used to discuss events that are happening around the world. Recent topics have included fires in the Amazon, the Rugby World Cup in Japan and the how plastic pollution is impacting on the oceans.

Throughout the year, we have numerous events to raise awareness of the world around us. This list gives an idea of what we have been active in:- MacMillan morning ; Coffee morning ; School Fayre ; Disco ; Book Fayre ; Clothing collection Salvation ; Stand Up for Derbyshire ; Harvest collection ; Children in Need  ; Red Nose Day ; Sports Relief.

In addition to this, our KS2 children study French in their Modern Foreign Languages lessons and often watch ‘Newsround’ as a stimuli to help them understand events around the world.

We have used Fairtrade products in our topic work about ‘India’

Next year, to continue our progress we will need to undertake to buy Fairtrade products were ever possible. We also hope to have a number of different country / food days and to study and understand different cultural holidays from around the world.

Healthy Living

PE.E ; playtime ; Sports Day ; Trip ; SUFD (Stand Up For Derbyshire) day ; active starters ; forest school ; mini-games ; after school clubs (Football – MultiSports – Basketball)

Drinking water available. Yes we all have had new reusable water bottles. These can be topped up around the school. During the day we are only allowed water in classes but can drink juice at dinner time.

Healthy dinners – fruits- carrots – apples- vegetables. We have lunch time dinner checks and the dinner ladies hand out stickers for people who finish their dinners.

PHSE – lessons – We follow a set curriculum (PHSE Matters). There are lots of different topics including Drug Education; Being Healthy; Relationships ;Exploring Emotions; Difference & Diversity; Being Responsible; Bullying Matters; Growing Up; Changes; Being Me; Money Matters; Being Safe.

Yes. We have a poly tunnel that we use and we have grown things on the raised beds that we have. We are also trying to get more raised beds so we can grow more next year. These have recently arrived and will get up and running in the summer.

Fianlly, we take part in Travel Smart Day – Stand Up for Derbyshire


It will soon by Travel Smart week again. Help us help you by walking as much as you can.


Global Citizenship

Our globe looks and feels big but everyday travel and communication makes it a smaller place. How do you effect the world around you?

Our Amazing Woods – currently we are developing this area further. We will bring you updates as we journey through our Forest School Development P rogramme

Going Green with the ‘Green Warriors’!

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