Going Green!

Bramley Vale Primary is blessed with amazing ground and has a substantial wood! The school is bordered with woodland and the whole site is planted with shrubs along with many mature trees. 


To help keep our school environment as wildlife friendly as possible we have the ‘Green Influencers’ group. This group was set up in 2022 with the assistance of the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

Our mission is to actively promote the conservation of the natural environment and build a life long appreciation of the wonder of nature.

We now have Forest Science taking place, which allows the CRAVE Science Curriculum to maximise the use of the woods.

Class 1 and 2 enjoy a weekly Forest School session led by Mrs Dutton and supported by staff.

Green Influencers Getting Busy – Autumn 2023


This first term, after having moved to the temporary learning village, we are focusing on improving the grounds in and around the trip trail. We are planting woodland bulbs, improving habitats, planting daffodil bulbs for Spring Colour and having a general tidy up.

Pond Dipping

Year 5 Green Influencers