CRAVE Curriculum

At Bramley Vale School we follow the CRAVE curriculum.


Our over-arching aspiration is that all pupils leave our primary school with an embedded set of values, so that they are confident, healthy, optimistic and outward-looking about their futures, in an ever changing global community.

Our CRAVE curriculum is: Cross Curricular, Relevant, Aspirational, Varied and Engaging

It provides our pupils with opportunities to broaden and deepen knowledge, refine skills and develop critically thinking minds. The love of learning that they acquire at Bramley Vale Primary School prepares them for secondary school and beyond.






Our curriculum runs over a two-year cycle. Each term we have a new project. Curriculum areas are linked in to these projects to allow us to cover the requirements of the National Curriculum.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact school. Full details on how to do this are on our home page.