Science Intent, Implementation and Impact


  • Teach the elements of biology, chemistry and physics progressively so that children develop refined skills and in-depth knowledge.
  • Ensure children retain the knowledge they are taught.
  • Ensure that scientific enquiry sits at the heart of our science curriculum so that children ask and answer varied science questions whilst exploring and learning about the world around them.
  • Provide opportunities for children to excel in science.
  • Develop curiosity and critically thinking minds.
  • Promote excitement and a lasting engagement with science so that children are motivated to contribute to the world’s future prosperity.


  • Our curriculum has a clear progression of skills & knowledge.
  • Regular science quizzes are implemented across every year group to develop long term memory of previously taught topics.
  • There is a consistent approach to the teaching of scientific enquiry. Pupils use increasingly higher order vocabulary and analyse increasingly complex data on their scientific journey through school.
  • Children are encouraged to develop their understanding and awareness of science beyond the classroom.
  • Lessons are planned with opportunities for children to challenge themselves to excel.
  • We provide extra science opportunities to promote excitement, curiosity and engagement (Science Week, visits and visitors)


  • Children leave primary school with a thorough knowledge of biology, physics and chemistry.
  • Pupils can independently carry out a thorough scientific enquiry.
  • When answering a scientific enquiry, our children ask further questions in their desire to learn about the workings of the world around them.
  • Children question what they see around them and think critically when exposed to new everyday phenomena.
  • Children leave primary school excited about the next phase of their science education and have a clear understanding of how science will be a fundamental part of their future lives.

Science Topic Overview

At Bramley Vale, we follow a two yearly plan  to ensure the curriculum is fully covered.  The outline plan for both Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 is listed below. Each half term, we try to have a school trip or experience linked to our topic for wider learning experiences. If you have any questions about this, please contact the school.

Science Policy, Progression, Skills and Knowledge