Reception/Year 1 Learning Journey

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Woodland Wednesdays (New pictures each week)

We started our Woodland Wednesdays this week, I will add to the text and pictures each week to document our adventures!

9.11.22 – This week we started our adventures in the woods. We concentrated on the rules and what was expected of us in the woods. We then explored! We found mole hills and talked about mole habitats, we found bugs and wood lice and lots of branches and sticks. We also enjoyed using the logs to sit on and as stepping stones. We can’t wait for next week!

16.11.22 – This week as we were walking down to the woods, Mrs Webb saw a hedgehog which had dropped something white in the woods. We quickly got to the logs to have a look. It turned out to be a letter, we listened while Mrs Webb read it and it was from Ned. He had written to the children to ask them if they would make a new home for him. The children then went off in groups to have a go at making a den for Ned.