Nursery Learning Journey

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Stickman runs again! Autumn 2 term

We will begin the Autumn term with a visit to the Bramley Vale woodland. While becoming immersed in the wonders of nature and making valuable nature connections, we will be thinking about our new core text for the term- Stickman, written by Julia Donaldson.

This term, we will be focussing on our CRAVE curriculum, which will be Design and Technology. This will give us an opportunity to learn some new skills and perfect some we have already been practising, such as scissor skills. With a purpose, we will be joining materials with different resources such as glue, tape, staples and split pins.

We will learn knowledge and vocabulary to develop our own ideas, while our newly learnt skills will help us to express them. We will explore natural and man made materials, habitats and appropriate clothing, cause and effect, the weather and the seasons.

Noticing maths in our environment, we will embed our understanding of number to 5, use comparative language relating to size, weight, capacity, size and position. We will extend our understanding of pattern through colour, ABAB, movement, fixing errors, shape and touch counting.

We will continue our focus on growing in confidence, turn-taking, sharing and understand and recognising our own feelings and those of others.

Finding sticks in the woods

As part of our Forest Schools, the children were tasked with choosing a stick to take back to the classroom. We then enjoyed a circle time and taking turns, we talked about our sticks and decided what it was going to be.. just like in the story- Stickman. Some children decided their stick was a wand, Daddy, Mummy, a Superhero and even a shooting star that went to the moon! The sticks had different ideas, and wrote the children a letter, exclaiming that they were Stickmen! Stickmen! Stickmen, that’s we! They asked if the children could make some warm clothes for them as winter is coming and the weather is cold. The children have embraced this and have been very excited to make clothes using their new joining skills!

Halloween Spooktacular! A time to Party!

The children had a fun-filled day of Halloween celebrations- with party games, activities and food and drink. All children looked amazing in their Halloween costumes and really enjoyed their day of spooky fun.

Samba Bamba! A noise making experience!

The children had a wonderful immersive experience with a selection of unconventional musical instruments- such as plastic pipes, metal bowls and metal spoons, plastic dustbins, cow bells and metal trays. The children were able to demonstrate their ability to copy and continue a beat to the music and try out all the different noise makers.

A trip to Tiny Town

Our special outing this term was to the amazing Tiny Town! The children had a fabulous time in this immersive role play experience and even met a very important person.

Tiny Town offers the children safe and exciting learning- from being a vet, a racing car mechanic, a pirate, police officer and a chance to relax on the beach, there was no time to be bored!

The Wiggly Nativity

The Early Years children and staff worked exceptionally hard to produce our annual Nativity.

And what a performance it was! It was Incredible! The children did really well to remember all their lines, play their instruments and twizzle their ‘swiffers’. the singing was out of this world, and not a dry eye was to found at the end of the performance!

Clothes for Stickman!

The children learnt lots of new design and technology skills and put them to the test when they made clothes for their stickmen. From choosing the design of their clothes, the materials they used to the joining technique- glue, staples or split-pins-the children worked really hard to meet their design brief.