Nursery Learning Journey

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Paws, Claws and Whiskers! Spring term 1

The new term begins with our Geography Topic- Paws, Claws and Whiskers!

We will be focussing our attention to mapping skills and using these to help us understand our local community and the wider world. We will talk about local features / places, interpret a range of geographical information, including maps and different kinds of maps, globes and transport.

To begin to understand life in other countries we will look at life in Africa- both animals and people. We will learn and name wild animals in the African Savanna, learn an African dance and compare the lives of people who live there with those of our own. Our core topic book for the term is: Ben and Gran and the whole wide, wonderful world written by Gillian Shields. Much of our learning will encompass the vocabulary and content of this book, combined with the individual next steps of the children.

Through play we will develop fast recognition of up to 3 objects, without having to count them, recognise / match numerals, explore 2D and 3D shapes and their properties, use prepositions through our mapping skills, compare length,/distance /height and spot patterns in the natural world.

With countless opportunities to be self-directed and using a variety of tools, surfaces and materials the children will be inspired to create their own masterpiece with the support of photographic, literary and real-life stimuli. Adult led activities will develop emerging skills. The children will be encouraged to junk model their house or a building that is familiar to them or their favourite mode of transport. We will be working hard on those zips this term, in addition to becoming more confident with using a knife and fork, taking care of ourselves and managing our emotions.

A journey around the Bramley Vale Community

Classes 1 and 2 enjoyed a fabulous and insightful journey around the Bramley Vale neighbourhood. We made several stops along the way and discussed the sights, smells and sounds. to help us remember and sequence our journey, we made a journey stick and took lots of photographs. The route took us to the park, where the children had a fabulous time playing with their friends. At the journey’s end, the children enjoyed a luscious hot chocolate and biscuit.

The following day we revisited our journey and used our journey stick to recall and sequence the photographs. The children did an amazing job at recalling the sights and sounds and were able to name the landmarks we encountered too!

Modelling my house

To further our  understanding of the local community and the features of our homes and gardens, the children have been using recycled products to construct model houses. They used their prior learning to use scissors, join using glue and choose an appropriate medium to add colour. The children did a fabulous job at adding finer detail to their models too. We looked at different 2D shapes and discussed their features- adding what they thought would be the most appropriate shape- such as a rectangle for a door and a square for a window. They had a go at drawing the shape independently and cutting them out independently too! Some children were very keen to add gardens to their models- thinking about the flowers, trees and toys they had in their own gardens.

Once complete- we created our own Bramley Vale Community- adding our homes to the map that we created using our mapping skills.

A listening walk around our school community

Our Geography topic has taken us on a listening walk around the beautiful grounds of our school community. For our ‘New to Nursery’ children this was their first experience of their new school and beyond the safe confines of their familiar classroom. But, they were not phased in the slightest and thoroughly enjoyed their new experiences.

We made a Journey Stick to remember our journey around the school- looking at landmarks such as the Early Years playground and the sounds that we could hear such as the diggers building our new school, the birds in the trees and the cars on the motorway. We visited classes 3 and 4 and watched them learning in their classrooms, had a quick play on the trim trails, peered through the windows of classes 5 and 6 as we did not want to disturb them, saw the hall and finally went to say a ‘Makaton Good Morning’ to our headteacher Mr Rumsby in his office.

Mapping out our classroom

We have been looking at different types of maps- such as those found in books, globes and Google Earth. We have been learning about the different features of maps such as how we can spot the land and the ocean by looking for the green and the blue. We have looked at the Key, which can help to identify different symbols and landmarks found on maps have tried to use our positional language to work out where things are and how we can get there.

Using our new mapping skills we have been creating a map of our classroom as a team. We discussed the different areas of our classroom and decided on the colour they needed to be on our map. We created a key together and then added more details independently.

African savannah or the Ocean?

As part of our geography topic the children have been learning about Africa. We have been looking the people who live there and making comparisons between our lives and theirs and the differences between people. We explored the animals that can be found in the African Savannah, which can be hot and sandy. We looked a globe and found and named Africa and the United Kingdom. The children were amazing and knew that the ocean was blue and the land was green, so we explored the types of creatures we would find in the ocean.

The children practiced their turn taking and listening and attention skills as they did a sorting activity, and categorised our mixed up creatures into their corresponding habitats. A big well done to them all!

Bringing our learning to a mapping conclusion

Using all the new knowledge and skills the children have gained this term, they had the opportunity to show them off with gusto!

They were tasked with creating a map independently. A journey from their house in Bramley Vale to the African Savannah! They were given the tools they needed- scissors, paper, card, glue sticks, pictures of sea creatures, animals from the African Savannah, transport, landmarks, roads, symbols, road signs and more. Once modelled, they were off and running!

The children were able to use their cutting skills and thinking skills to work out where they wanted things on their maps. they decided on how they would travel there and the landmarks and sights they would see on the journey. the results were impressive!