Nursery Learning Journey

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Once upon a time. Spring 2 Term

Becoming Historians as we play!

This term our CRAVE curriculum will be taking us on a journey through time. We will be time travelling to medieval England and will be learning about castle life! Our term will begin with a trip to Bolsover Castle. The children will have the opportunity to experience the wonders of the castle ruins whilst exploring the recently refurbished Little castle giving one the sense and feeling of castle life through the decor and artefacts. We will use words such as- I see, same, different and change.

In the classroom we will learn to adapt our behaviour to different situations, and understand that there are consequences to our behaviour. We will talk about our families, see similarities and differences and compare a significant event in our own lifetimes with a historical event.

Through play we will begin to understand the difference between ‘tall and short’ and ‘long and short’. We will consider mass using the balancing scales using ‘lighter’ and ‘heavier’ and will compare capacities such as ‘nearly full’ and ‘nearly empty’ and the capacity of different containers.

To get our creativity flowing, the children will be presented with countless opportunities to be self-directed using a variety of tools, surfaces and materials. They will be inspired to create their own masterpiece with the support of photographic, literary and real-life stimuli. Our inspirational ‘geometric’ artist this term is Paul Klee, who painted the ‘Castle and the Sun’.

A Trip to Bolsover Castle

The Early Years Team and the children had a fabulous day out at Bolsover Castle. The weather could not have been better for March- the sun was shining and not too cold at all. We were very fortunate to have a private tour around the Little Castle, and were able to get a feel for life in the castle for William and Elizabeth Cavendish, who apparently liked a party or two!