Nursery Learning Journey

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How many legs do you have? Summer term 1

As the summer fast approaches, the children will learn all things minibeasts. By combining this with our CRAVE curriculum which this term focuses on Art, the children have a great deal to learn and enjoy. We will take our artistic inspiration from – Sergio Bustamante and Lucy Arnold. Sergio Bustamante is a Mexican Artist well known for his work using papier mache, while Lucy Arnold is known for her work with vibrant watercolours. The children will have lots of opportunities to learn new skills and then apply them to a project at the end of the term. Showcasing their work, the children will be inviting their parents to see their masterpieces in our end of term Gallery.

Last terms’ learning will be extended to include understanding life-cycles, habitats and growing. If the weather warms up, we will be growing some vegetables in our Cabbage Patch and understanding the importance of taking care of living things and our very precious and fragile world. We will be growing our cultural capital and experiential learning with an Early Years class trip to The Butterfly House near Sheffield.

Through play, we will be sequencing different events, understand the language of position, compare quantities of groups of objects using ‘same’, ‘less than’, ‘fewer’, ‘more than’ and respond and use mathematical language to explore 2D and 3D shapes such as ‘sides’, ‘corners’, ‘straight’, ‘flat’, ‘round’.

Singing songs, reading stories, playing games, playing collaboratively, learning to share, taking turns, following instructions, following rules, listening to and playing musical instruments will continue to be things we do everyday to help our children to grow and blossom into resilient, confident and kind individuals.

Testing our skills for Life Drawing

The children have been practising using a pencil to draw lines and closed shapes. Presented with a vase of beautiful flowers the children had a go at drawing what they could see. We talked about the features of the flowers first- looking a the ‘stem’, the ‘petals’, the ‘leaves’ and the way the lines changed. I am so proud of the children and how hard they tried to produce their masterpieces.