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Autumn 2- Making and constructing

Constructing a home for a new friend

For the final term of 2022 the children will be learning and refining their Design and Technology skills. A letters is sent from our resident hedgehog in the woods who is desperate for a new home in readiness for the coming winter months. He sets a very clear Design brief for the children, which tells them that the house they design and construct should be SAFE, WARM and DRY. The children will continue to enjoy their visits to the Bramley Vale Woodland, and will be on the look out for their new friend Hodge the Hedgehog.

Design and Technology

The children have fully immersed themselves into this term’s topic and simply cannot make enough houses for Hodge the Hedgehog. They received a letter through the post from our resident hedgehog- Hodge. He stated that he needed help to build a new home and please could the children help. We are so proud, because each and every child joined our quest to help Hodge. We learnt some fantastic skills along the way too!


We followed a very precise process, to ensure that we made the most of our Design and Technology topic. We learnt the knowledge, then the skills, we followed a design brief to create our own design criteria, then set about practising our skills to construct and make the houses. Finally we evaluated our final makes and decided what we would do to make it better and what we liked about  our makes.

We looked at different materials and their properties through science experiments and our weekly Woodland Wednesday visits to the Bramley Vale woodland,  and were able to identify those that were waterproof and did not leak. We talked about the different animals that make their homes in the woodland and what they used to construct them. The children used a variety of construction materials such as paper, card, play dough, duplo, mobilo, magnetico, wooden bricks and loose parts to practise and refine their joining, connecting, assembling, moulding and stacking skills.

They then set about designing their houses on paper – they made marks, assigned meaning to those marks and talked about what materilas they would use and any features their house may have such as doors, windows, a roof, a television, a bed etc.

Once the children had made their final builds, they evaluated them and then with the help of their parents- they walked up to the Bramley Vale Woodland and left their houses for Hodge and no doubt his friends to find.

Taking a trip to Tiny Town

This year we have the opportunity to visit Tiny Town for our Christmas class trip. What a wonderful time we all had- and the time flew by so quickly! The children were so excited to travel on a bus with their friends and all had the confidence to go somewhere new. Tiny Town enables the children to experience role play within the safe confines of a miniature town. It features a hairdressers, vets, police station, coffee shop, car garage, garden centre and that is just a few! The communication and language that we managed to illicit was meaningful and most certainly helped support new language aquisition.

The photographs say it all!

Early Years Nativity- A Star is Born!

Both Nursery and Reception collaborated to put on a show of all shows for the school and parents. The performance followed the story of avery small star named Leo- who was very shy. He was given the most important job of all- to guide the Kings and shepherds to the new born King!

The cuteness o’ meter was off the scale!