Nursery Learning Journey

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Autumn 1 – All about me!

For the first term of the new academic year, the nursery children will be learning all about themselves! They will be seeking to answer the all important question- Who am I? With lots of exciting activities planned, we cannot wait to get started. The children will also be reading Traditional tales and enjoying the magic of a story that opens with the words Once upon a time…

Our learning in class will be closely linked to our topics, with a main focus on the social and emotional development of the children. We will be learning to recognise our feelings and emotions, the differences and similarities of our appearances between ourselves and others and will be learning to share, take turns and play collaboratively.

All Settled and Ready to Learn

We are immensely proud of the Nursery children this term, and could not be prouder of the way they have settled into the daily routines. We have been so busy that time has simply flown by in a flash!

We have thoroughly enjoyed the literary text The Colour Monster written by Anna Llenas; it has helped us to understand our feelings and emotions, while learning Makaton along the way has helped us to communicate our feelings to others.

Run, run as fast as you can…

The children thoroughly enjoyed our selection of Traditional Tales this term. They have successfully been repeating the refrains from – The Gingerbread Man, Snow White, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. We have been re-enacting the stories through role play, using the refrains and have even been changing elements within the stories to make them our own. We also enjoyed a whole week dedicated to funky fingers – all our activities were designed to develop our fine motor skills in readiness for writing and putting on our coats and hats independently ready for winter!

A walk in the Bramley Vale Woodland

How fortunate are we to have our very own private woodland? We built a Fairy House, had hot chocolate, a biscuit and hunted for minibeasts. The children worked collaboratively to build their fairy house- they lifted and carried large and oversized objects, communicated together to discuss their ideas and used trial and error to achieve what they set out to achieve- all this with only just a smidgen of help from the grown ups!

Parents Art Workshop

We opened the Early Years’ doors to our very lovely parents for an afternoon of Snow White linked creative crafts. Tasked with creating a mirror and a crown, the parents sat with their children in the Nursery classroom and set about helping their child to make a beautiful mirror- fit for a Queen or King!

All, the while, the children were repeating the refrain form the story…’mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?’ The afternoon was an illuminating success, and we cannot wait for the next Parent Workshop.