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All About Me! Autumn 1 Term

This term’s CRAVE focus is history.

The Early Years team will be working hard to ensure the children have lots of fun while they learn. They will have many opportunities to follow their interests as they embark on our carefully planned History curriculum. Children will begin to understand the passing of time and its associated language as they are introduced to timelines. They will spot similarities between their families and others and will talk about their changing bodies over time. The children will begin to understand the world around them as we talk about difference and diversity, look at the community where they live and explore their favourite toys- making comparisons between those from the present and from the past.

What a fabulous start to the new academic year. The children have been extremely busy, had a wealth of experiences and have learnt a great deal. From practicing cutting skills using scissors, re-enacting and role-playing our topic books, learning to copy a rhythm to a beat using musical instruments, mark making and writing our names and talking about the front cover of a book. This is just a snapshot of our learning this term, not to mention our CRAVE History topic- All About me!

Outdoor Learning is the way to go!

Forest Schools and our very own Bramley Vale Primary School Woodland, plays a vital part in our teaching and learning. We believe that as much learning, if not more can be achieved in the great outdoors. Children thrive in open spaces and need to be connected to nature. The hollistic benefits for children, often supersede those achieved inside the classroom, so it makes sense that we make the most of our beautiful woodland space.

The Early Years Spooktacular Halloween Party was a scream!

From party games, dancing, halloween activites and lots of party food, the children had a fabulous day and loved coming to school in their costumes and staying in them all day!