History Intent, Implementation and Impact


  • Offer a broad, ambitious and immersive history curriculum, rich in skills and knowledge to stimulate their intellectual curiosity and develop their love of the subject
  • Embed historical knowledge so that children can provide a clear chronological narrative of the history of Britain and aspects of the wider world
  • Enable our pupils to become increasingly critical and analytical thinkers through their historical studies
  • Provide opportunities for children to learn through historical enquiry and equip them with the skills needed to confidently ask questions, and select and evaluate evidence to make judgements about the past
  • To discover links and connections to the history they learn and their wider community/locality
  • Provide opportunities for children to excel in history


  • Our CRAVE curriculum has a clear progression of skills, and history topics are planned so that children learn in a chronological sequence
  • A specific, sharp focus is given to our history topics e.g. ‘Viking long ships’ as opposed to ‘Vikings’, so that children can apply their historical enquiry skills in more detail, gaining a much deeper knowledge of the topics taught
  • New topics are launched with an enquiry to develop critical thinking skills e.g. ‘Were the Vikings the greatest seafarers of all time?’
  • Weekly topic/history quizzes are implemented across every year group to develop long term memory of previously taught topics, and to develop their chronological understanding
  • Lessons are planned with challenges for children of all abilities so that they can make progress and excel
  • History topics are taught in a cross curricular way through our CRAVE curriculum
  • Knowledge organisers are created for each history topic, giving children access to key vocabulary to aid their learning.
  • Pre and post assessments carried out for each topic to assess how learning has progressed over the term.


  • Children will become increasingly aware of how historical events have shaped their local area, Britain and the wider world that they currently live in
  • Children will develop high quality enquiry skills to question and explore in depth, and to become more inquisitive
  • Children will develop a deep knowledge of a broad range of history topics, and will retain prior knowledge
  • Children will confidently talk about what they have learnt using key vocabulary
  • Children will leave primary school with a love of history and the knowledge and skills needed to successfully study history in the next stage of their education

History Topic Overview

At Bramley Vale, we follow a two yearly plan  to ensure the curriculum is fully covered.  The outline plan for both Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 is listed below. Each half term, we try to have a school trip or experience linked to our topic for wider learning experiences. If you have any questions about this, please contact the school.