Mrs Fay Year 1/2

Mrs Fay is our class teacher, supported by our fabulous teaching assistants Miss Pickup, Mr Jones and Mrs Morrell. We have a wonderful group of 24 children who all love to learn!

Lucky Button

Art Focus – Textiles and drawing inks

This term we diving into all this art and creativity. The children will be reading the Michael Morpurgo story ‘Lucky button’ during our class reader time. This story will become our inspiration for our textile binca creations. Over the course of our art lessons we will explore a range of female artists who shaped the textile industry and art world. The children will build up their sewing skills and demonstrate a higher level of control and finishing quality.

In addition, we will also be using drawing inks to recreate Aboriginal artwork. We will use the story “How the Birds Got Their Colours” to create some bright and eye catching colourful pieces of artwork.

We encourage the children to take part in our home learning activities. These are linked to our topic to create a good link between learning at home and in school. Please see below for information about the project homework for this term. If you have any books, DVDs, songs, or artefacts about our current topic, please send these in for our show and tell session we have each Thursday morning. Please see our class timetable below.

Here are some photographs of what we have been up to…

Needles at the ready! Sewing is in full progress. Year 1/2 have shown some fantastic resilience and developed their sewing skills this term. I am blown away with their focus, determination and progress!

We spent the morning in our beautiful Bluebell woodland and created watercolour paintings of the surroundings. The children were extremely focused and enjoyed the peace and quiet to creating their paintings.

Our big read with our friends from across the school.

In History, we explored the different types of breads that have been made through the ages. We baked 3 different types: Egyptian, peasant Anglo-Saxon bread and Royal Anglo-Saxon bread. We ordered the breads into a timeline.

Our class created a dance with the help of our talents Miss Wilbourn. We went to Tibshelf Community school to perform our dance for local primary schools.

Diwali day: we joined up with Mr Stoppard’s class to celebrate the Festival of Lights by making a small lamp to hold a candle called a diyas.

We have been using Lego, blocks and people to make pictorial representations, maps and try out our new geographical and locational language.

Here are some photographs of what we have been up to during Term 1.

For our Topic Immersion Day, we re-enacted the Queen’s Coronation which took place on 2nd of June 1953. The children worked together to make the props. Each child had a different role to play and we had a great time!

Ceremony photographs…

The Queens Coronation

Prop making…

Kings and Queens

The children wrote letters to Her Majesty The Queen. We walked to the post box to post the letters. It gave us a good opportunity to practise our safe road crossing skills.

In science, we have been learning about different types of materials and what they can be used for. The children used some recycled materials to make a material monster.

The children tested materials to see which metals were magnetic. They found that a metal bottle top would move along the table when the dragged a magnet underneath.  Collectively, they recorded their results in a chart.

In PE, we are learning how to control a ball using a hockey stick.

We’ve been using objects to represent numbers in maths.

Here is some of our project homework …

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