Early Years Foundation Unit

Welcome to the EYFS class

Mrs Foston – Nursery

We will be starting this year with a small group of children in the Nursery class, The children will be supported and nurtured by Mrs Foston-the class teacher and the very experienced Higher Level Teaching Assistant – Miss Webb.

Autumn Term 1

Settling in.

First and foremost, we will be focusing on settling everyone into a new routine and making every opportunity to make new friends. There will be lots of fun along the way as we learn new things.

Topic – All About Me.

Our topic forms part of the school’s CRAVE curriculum, which will help us to focus on History and our Family Tree. Firstly we will be trying to answer the question – Who am I? By talking about ourselves, our appearance, likes and dislikes we can start to celebrate our differences. We will also be starting to think about our feelings and learning to talk about them and know that it is ok to have different feelings. We will name, describe and talk about families and look at photographs from the past so we can create a family tree.


We will be reading many many books in Nursery to really promote a love of reading. Books such as Elmer The Patchwork Elephant and the Colour Monster will help us to understand our differences and emotions while Traditional Tales such as The Three Little Pigs and Red Riding Hood will teach us the difference between right and wrong, which tie in nicely with school’s value- Kindness.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

All our new learning will take place when we are having fun. Baking Gingerbread men, painting self-portraits, enjoying walks in the woods and laughing a lot is just a snapshot of the things we have planned this term.

So, a very busy and fun- filled term will be had by all.

We will be looking at a couple of the school’s values- Creativity and Kindness

Welcome to Foundation Stage 2 also known as Reception. We are at full capacity with 25 little people. Taking care of your children is Mrs Preston, class teacher and Mrs Mottram, our amazing class teaching assistant.

Autumn Term 1.

The children are looking at Traditional Tales this term. A lot of their English work will be surrounding the stories of The Three Little Pigs, The Red Hen and Little Red Riding Hood.

Your children will take part in a phonics session every day and begin to read, write and sound out their letters through a scheme called Read Write Inc. They will soon be blending their sounds and reading words!

Maths will be a recap of the numbers 1 – 10. We will look at what a number 5 (for example) actually looks like, what does it mean and can I represent it with the correct amount of items. We will be following the White Rose Scheme of maths, which will take the children on a structured journey throughout the year.

In topic we are looking at Understanding the World, in particular, ‘Who am I?’ We will look at families, communities and how the children fit into their world.

As well as all the above learning, we will be singing, playing, crafting, reading stories and orienteering!

We are going to have a very busy half term!

Best wishes, Amanda Preston.

Here are some links to games and activities we will be using this term.


Take a look at our photographs from the year so far…

Here are our pictures from Crazy Hair Day to raise money for Comic Relief…

Here are some pictures from the first two terms at school…

Here are some pictures from Nursery and Receptions History immersive day. We had a fabulous time, as you can see. Here are the pictures from Nursery’s visit to the woods too.

We had a great day in the sunshine playing sports on the field. Take a look at our photographs…

Here are some of our photographs from our EYFS Sports Day. We had traditional running races, egg and spoon and a bean bag relay. We also had some team games and throwing competitions. It was a lovely sunny morning and the children really enjoyed themselves.

Friday 9th July – a sunny afternoon on the Tough Runner course.

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