Crooked Spire (Y2 / Y3)

Welcome to the Crooked Spire class

There are 10 Year 2 and 19 Year 3 children in our class. Mr Stoppard is the class teacher and we are supported by our fantastic teaching assistants: Mrs Hopkinson & Mrs Hall.

Our class is named after the famous Crooked Spire in Chesterfield. The church is really called St Marys but has been named the ‘Crooked Spire’ because of it’s unusual shape.

Summer Term 1

Our topic for this term is ‘The Ancient Greeks’ and we will be reading a book called ‘The Beasts of Olympus – Beast Keeper’. Throughout the project, we will be using the book in much of our English work and lots of a topic work as well. During this term, we will be writing some poetry and information books all about the ancient Greeks and the gods they worshiped. In maths we will be learning about fractions and shapes including 3D shapes. Later in the term we will be looking at angles and how to identify them. In science the Y2’s  will be learning about different materials and how they can be used and the Y3’s will be about learning all about plants looking to see how plants grow in the how we can make them grow even better. All in all, a very busy term to look forward too

Every week, we will be sending some maths homework home to re-inforce the learning that we have undertaken during the week. We will be using the home-learning booklets that we sent home during covid lockdown. Each week, we will need to complete two pages each. I will send a text / email home every Monday about this and the details can also be found on Seesaw.

In addition, on Monday 24th May, we will be having an Ancient Greek day. On the day, the children can come to school in a costume and we will have a Greek banquet and take part in the Ancient Olympic Games. We will provide the food and music but the children can get dressed up appropriately if they want to. You can come as a God or Goddess, a warrior or a Greek lady. If you have any questions about the day please ask at school.

Best wishes and stay safe, Andy Stoppard


Whilst we are away from school, it is important to stay healthy. Derbyshire School Games have produced a variety of information to help.

Derbyshire School Games Football Primary

Derbyshire School Games Golf Primary

Derbyshire School Games Netball Primary

Derbyshire School Games Boccia Primary

Happy Easter everyone. Thanks for all your help and support throughout the term. Have a look at the fantastic Easter bonnets and hats that have been sent into school.

Red Nose Day is always lots of fun. Everybody in the class made their hair a little bit different for the day.

Now we are all back in school, we can enjoy days like the World Book Day. Have a look at the pictures we took on the day showing all the fabulous costumes and characters.

Now we are all in lock down again, I will put some of the pictures of the things you have been doing at home. Have a look and see if you can find yourself.

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