Mr Grafton Year 5/6

Autumn Term 1

The start of a brand new school year, and the promise of lots of engaging new topics and memorable experiences. Y5/6 will be taught by Mr Grafton, and supported by the amazing teaching assistant Mrs Hopkinson. The fantastic Mrs Upright will also be teaching in Y5/6 on Thursdays and Fridays.

Our topic for this term is all about the Great Plague and how it affected the Derbyshire village of Eyam. The children will learn about the sacrifice that the villagers made when they heroically decided to quarantine themselves from the rest of the country. To bring the topic to life, the class will visit Eyam in week 2 and feel like they have teleported back in time. They will see plaques on houses giving details of the victims of the plague. They will also see the boundary stone, which was used as a trading point. It still has the holes where coins were placed in exchange for food supplies from nearby villages.

As well as our class trip to Eyam, there is the residential to Whitehall, which promises to be a brilliant experience. I can personally guarantee that the children will return exhausted, but with lots of stories to tell about their stay. Look out for photos after the residential.

There are also some sporting competitions this term. Some of the children will be selected to represent the school for football and cross country.

Eyam trip photos

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