Mrs Foston Nursery

Welcome to Nursery

A very warm welcome awaits in the Bramley Vale Nursery classroom. The children are supported and nurtured by Mrs Foston – the class teacher and the very experienced Higher Level Teaching Assistant – Miss Webb and Teaching Assistant – Mrs Roberts.

In Nursery our aim – First and foremost – is focused on settling the children into a predictable routine where they feel safe and happy.  We use a creative and structured approach to delivering a play based learning curriculum where our children learn and thrive.

Our children are at the centre of all that we do with particular emphasis on their physical, social and emotional well-being, personal health and learning. We consider connections with family, communities, cultures and the natural world and how we can meet and respond to the needs of the child today and how we can lay strong foundations for their lives in the future.

We encourage the children to take part in our home learning activities. These are linked to our topic to create a good link between learning at home and in school. Please click the links below for this term’s Learning Letter and Homework,

Early Years Sports Day 2022

The children in Nursery and Reception had a fabulous sports day. Many parents came to watch the various sporting events which included- balls in the cup race, egg and spoon race, bean bag toss, javelin, bean bag balance and the very popular and highly entertaining- space hopper race!


Small steps to looking after a wonderful world!

Time has flown by so quickly this year. We cannot believe that we are nearing the end of this academic year- but is not over yet! We have so much more learning and so many more activities to do, the summer holidays will be here before we know it!

This term we will be answering the question:

How can we look after our wonderful world? By linking the seven areas of learning with our carefully chosen fiction and non-fiction topic books, we will be planting and growing plants, looking at waste and how we can use the 3 r’s- Re-cycle; Re-use ad Reduce to take care of our amazing earth and will be continuing to focus on being positive about the differences between people and cultures- because we are ALL different; managing our emotions, understanding the feelings of others and how we can look after ourselves by making healthy life choices.


Growing and planting with green fingers

The children have been thoroughly enjoying our current topic. By trying to answer the question- ‘what can we do to help our planet?’ they have been growing beanstalks and planting plants and seedlings to make beautiful hanging baskets to decorate our veranda. They have encountered lots of new vocabulary along the way and have been particularly excited about ‘germination’. We initially grew our beanstalks in clear plastic pockets and stuck them to the window, this way we could see the germination process in action. The children then transferred their beansprout shoots in recycled aluminium cans. They have learnt that plants need just three things to survive- water, food and sunshine. Fortunately the children were able to supply the water, the nutrients from the compost and what beautiful sunny weather we have had!

CRAVING for an understanding of difference and diversity

As part of the school’s CRAVE curriculum, the nursery children have been looking at the differences between people and their families. We have been talking about some families that may have two mummies or daddies, or some families that just have a mummy or a daddy. The children have learning about the differences between people- we have been looking at hair colour, eye colour, skin colour, short, tall, young and old- with a very clear message that it is OK to be different!

Difference makes for an exciting world, and if were all the same it would be very boring! To celebrate everyone’s differences, the entire school shouted from the rooftops by wearing lots of brightly coloured clothes on our Rainbow day!

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Summer Time and the learning is Mini Beasts!

April has seen another intake of new children into our nursery and already we are learning something new, enjoying the weather and making new friends.

This term we will be answering the question:

Why do we need insects? We will be focusing on the world of mini beasts and gaining an understanding of their important role on Earth. Using their imagination, the children will express their own ideas as they build and construct, sing songs, play music, paint and draw- all through sharing ideas and resources.

The Hunt is on for Mini Beasts!

The children and the grown ups have had a fabulous time in the Bramley Vale school woods hunting for minibeasts. The children were lucky enough to find beetles, millipedes, slugs, snails, bumble bees, spiders, ants, earwigs, flies and lots of earth worms. We collected the earth worms so we could create our own wormery in the classroom. This will help support our understanding of the important role of earth worms on our beautiful planet Earth.

Celebrating the Arts though Warli Art and Sergio Bustamante

Our Mini beasts topic is scurrying through this term with interest and excitement. The children have been enjoying many activities in both the classroom and outdoors. They have been learning our minibeast song along with actions, experimenting with paint and colour mixing, life drawing and painting with mixed media of their choice and having a jolly good go at Warli Art- an Indian Art style which has enabled the children to follow step by step instructions with awesome results! Sergio Bustamante is known for his sculptures so we have been creating our own ladybirds using papier mache.

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Spring into Spring with Wonderful Bodies

We are all very excited about this term’s topic and all the fantastic activities we shall be enjoying along the way as we spring into Springtime. Answering the question: Why are bodies Wonderful? We will be naming body parts, both human and animal, investigating life cycles, exploring healthy life choices about food, drink, exercise and tooth-brushing and finally ‘People who help us’.

We will making links with the seven areas of learning with our weekly topic books- Communication and Language, PSED, Physical development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

Creature Features

The children have been learning about and reading a non-fiction book titled- Creature Features. They have thoroughly enjoyed reading about different animals and their features that make them special. We learnt about the elephant and their trunk and how elephants use their trunks like a hand and even use it as a snorkel when the elephant is underwater. The children were really interested in the Giant Squid and their one eye which is the size of a dinnerplate. We could not believe how big it is, but then learnt that the Giant Squid needs a large eye to see in the dark depths of the ocean. The children have enjoyed using the internet to research different animals and identifying different habitats such as the jungle, dessert, savanna and the ice caps.

Human Body Parts

We have been learning about eating food and what happens to the food when we take a bite. We did a science experiment to work out what happens to the food once we have used our teeth to grind it up. The children learnt about the food passing through our food-pipe and its scientific name- the oesophagus, once we have swallowed it and then sliding into our stomachs. The experiment showed us what the food can look like in our stomachs once it has been squished and squashed- it didn’t look very appetising! The children have had lots of practise with using a knife and fork and cutting a variety of simple to more challenging foods such as pancakes, lettuce, potatoes and even raw carrots!


The whole  of school including our very special nursery children have been part of The BIG READ to promote reading for pleasure. We have had lots of exciting activities in school from reading in our very own woods, a sponsored read to raise funds for new books across the school and the year six children coming to the Nursery classroom every day to read to the nursery children .


All of the children sat beautifully as they marvelled at the theatre production from Image Musical Theatre- The Sword in the Stone. This was a hugely exciting performance that was engaging, surprising and funny.

Comic Relief

The children had a fantastic day and all came into school with Crazy Hair!

Easter Bonnet Parade

As part of the school’s celebrations for Easter, the nursery children created a fantastic selection of Easter bonnets. It was obvious that the children were extremely proud of their bonnets and had worked very hard to make them. We were very proud of the children too, as they wore their bonnets with smiles and laughter. Congratulations to one of our Nursery children too, who won herself an Easter Egg in the whole school competition.

Mother’s Day

Today a massive thank you to our very special Mummies, we baked some amazing butterfly buns. We talked about the ingredients that we needed and the equipment and tools that would help us. The children all had a go a mixing, beating, stirring and combining the ingredients together, whilst measuring the flour, sugar and butter was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We were so proud of the children when they used the Sieve so gently, there was barely a speck on the table!

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A new Start for our youngest children

January has seen the beginning of a wonderful new learning journey for our new starters. We opened our doors to a group of very excited and eager little boys and girls, who have very quickly made their mark. We are all very excited about the forthcoming term as we see the children make new friends and have new experiences.

What an exciting term we have had too! The children have thoroughly enjoyed our CRAVE Curriculum- Design and Technology theme this term. Using their imagination they have created castles, flags, Chinese Dragons and lanterns and much much more.

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Willow Tree Farm

The Nursery children thoroughly enjoyed their first school trip. And what an amazing time we all had!

We went to Willow Tree Farm and saw and fed a variety of animals that we don’t see everyday. We saw~ wallabies, goats, sheep, llamas, meerkats, tortoise, pigs and piglets, ponies, chickens, ducks and the most popular by far~ Reindeer!!!

The children were very brave and hand fed the sheep, goats and llamas~ they were so surprised by how gentle the animals nibbled the food from their hands.

The reindeer encounter was a resounding success and truly magical. The children hand fed the reindeer moss and had the opportunity to stroke their very soft fur coats.

We also learnt some very interesting Reindeer facts:

They have no teeth
They have four stomachs
They have evolved two toes to support them on slippery ice
They shed their antlers every year
Their antlers grow back larger than the year’s before
Babies are only born in the month of May

The baby reindeer called Little Miss is only one year old and her Daddy has been in many Christmas films because he has enormous antlers.

Well done to all the children for representing our school well and showing that Bramley Vale has kind, well mannered and well behaved children.

Read with me – Wednesday

We have been inviting parents into the Nursery Classroom to read with their child every Wednesday. This has been an excellent opportunity for parents to read a selection of different books with their child in addition to supporting and promoting a ‘love of reading and books’.

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Topic – All About Me

This topic formed part of the Bramley Vale CRAVE curriculum, which helped us to focus on History and our Family Tree. Firstly we tried to answer the question – Who am I? By talking about ourselves, our appearance, likes and dislikes we began to celebrate our differences. We will also started to think about our feelings and how to talk about them and know that it is Ok to have different feelings. We named, described and talked about families and looked at photographs from the past. Parents were invited into the school for an Art Workshop, where they helped their child create an amazing family tree.

Reading and Literacy.

We are always reading books in Nursery to really promote a love of reading. Books such as The Colour Monster helped us to understand emotions while Traditional Tales such as The Three Little Pigs, The Little Red Hen and Red Riding Hood helped us to understand the difference between right and wrong. This tied in nicely with one of the school’s values- Kindness. We have been starting to write our names and other words, and some of our nursery children have now started our Read Write Ink Phonics programme!

The Little Red Riding Hood

We really enjoyed reading our topic book The Little Red Riding Hood. We also learnt some Makaton along the way. We loved our walk in the woods as we learnt about the woodland animals that Little Red Riding Hood may have seen, and the hunt for the hidden owls, rabbits, hedgehogs, badgers and foxes.

The Three Little Pigs

The children have thoroughly enjoyed reading The Three Little Pigs and the activities in the classroom. They particularly enjoyed building houses using straw, sticks and bricks and pretending to be the Big bad Wolf. They huffed and puffed and tried to blow the houses down. They began to understand about cause and effect and the properties of different materials.


We have been working extremely hard to learn colour names, to recognise numerals and to write them, to understand positional language such as- on, under, next to, beneath, beside, between, create and repeat patterns, to understand the difference between tall and short, big and small and all the time use and understand mathematical language that will help prepare us for our school learning journey.

Understanding the World

The children have really embraced their learning and we are so proud. They have all settled extremely well into the classroom in just a short space of time and have made good friendships too. Together, we have been very busy leaning about our world around us in both the Bramley Vale Woodland and the classroom. Activities have included- baking gingerbread men and fairy Cakes for the Bramley Vale Macmillan Coffee Morning,